Striptease Exposure Lottery



This is a exposure game with something different: it is centered around a strip tease! If exposed, what is underneath your clothes may be revealed, and perhaps more!

Game 1 has started and is closed to new entries.


You are only required to enter a five picture striptease.Faces are not required. But it should be a striptease, and the last picture should show you naked.

Exposure type

There are two options provided for information exposure: public and private.

How the game works

On May 27th, the game will begin by mailing everyone a portion of the #1 pictures, in no particular order. If public, they will also be posted on the Tumblr blog. This will continue until all #1 pictures are posted.

At that point, I will randomly pick half the contestants (rounding down). The contestants in this half will have the rest of their pictures discarded.

(If you want to feel extra risky, you may chose to bypass this round and automatically enter in round 2.)

The #2 pictures (of those exposed only) will then be posted in the same manner as the #1 pictures, a few at a time.

I will roll a dice for the remaining players (the result will only be known to me). This determine what further images will get revealed.

Roll Result
6, 7, OR 8 No further pictures will be revealed.
5 OR 9 Picture 3 will also be revealed
4 OR 10 Pictures 3 and 4 will be revealed, along with (optional if provided) first name and location
2, 3, 11 OR 12 All pictures and any (optional) information will be revealed!

Any pictures not being revealed will be discarded at this point.

After this point, the remaining #3 pictures (of those who I have rolled to be exposed only) will be shown -- a few each day.

After that, the #4 pictures (of those who I have rolled to be exposed only) will be shown, a couple each day.

Finally the #5s (of those who I have rolled to be exposed only) will be shown -- one each day.

At that point, I will send a mail saying the game is done.

Safe word

You may submit a safe word. If you chose one, if you feel uncomfortable, you can mail this word to at any time. At this point, any information provided will not be revealed... and if you chose public exposure, your Tumblr pictures will come down. However, you will be removed from the email list of players so you will see no further results. And if the game is still going, and you were chosen to be exposed, a censored picture will be posted privately of any of your results with the word "safe word" captioned.

Contact me

You can contact me at for any questions you have.